Betting Strategy

A good strategy that can leverage their bets if you want something more professional, what I call “the golden mean”. With this strategy, you do not bet to win, defeat or draw, but it has a certain number of goals or points is exceeded. The beautiful at this sports betting strategy is that you can win for sure, under certain conditions. I call this number of goals or points as a limit. Although most sports betting company match each other, the amount of the limit is often different. This shortcoming can exploit.

First seek ye yourselves are a sport in which many gates or many points as possible. These sports are better. Over / under bets, since the limits of the various sports books distinguish more Handball or basketball are two sports that are well suited for this strategy. Not so good are football or ice hockey.

If the new Handball Bundesliga season starts, it is worth trying this strategy. We play through the whole for a fictitious example. On the first day of Handball Bundesliga 2011/12 season, the TSVBurgdorf plays against the foxes from Berlin. Suppose fictitious, Bwin offers a wager on this game, which has 54 goals as a limit. You can bet on it that are less than 54 goals, with a ratio of 2.20.

If their bets that are more than 54 goals, the ratio is 2.00. Now begins the hard part. You have to find a bookmaker where the limit is as far above or below. Usually differ limits not very strong. Two, three or four gates in a world handball. Investigated so after sports betting operators an over / under bet with 50/51 or 57/58 gates serving. Have you found one; the odds must still be compatible.

If you Bwin closes the under-bet for less than 54 goals (ratio 2.20) you need another bookmaker in which her completes an over-bet, which is more than 51/52 goals. This should ideally will offer a rate of 2.20 for this – what occurs in practice, however, almost never. The more the limits differ, the farther apart, the quota.

If the limit for the two bookmakers apart only 2 goals, the odds must be nearly equal. Why you will soon see. Alternatively, you can also over the Bwin betting (odds 2.00) assume. In this case, you are looking for a bookie to under-bet with less than 57 or 58 gates.

Betting Strategy: the safe centre

We extend the example. You take the under-bet with Bwin to (ratio 2.20) and at Interwetten her an over-bet for more than 52 goals is (ratio 2.10). You put 10 euros each for both parties. There are 3 possible outcomes. Option 1: There are 55 goals.

In this case, you will lose at Bwin and get 10 euros back at Interwetten 21 euros. After deduction of using your profit is therefore 1 euro. Option 2: There are 52 goals. In this case, you win and lose at Bwin and Sportingbet. Overall, their wins at this output 2 euros. Now, the best variant. The game ends with 53 goals – Jackpot! You win on both sides at Bwin and Sportingbet and your total income is 23 euros.

You win in any case. Seems to be a sports betting strategy when you can surely win. Unfortunately, it is rare not as easy as in my example. If the rate on either side below 2.00, then threatened loss. Suppose that in the example above, the rate of Interwetten for the over-bet only 1.80 and the game ends with 55 gates. In this case, you will lose 10 euros at Bwin and gains (net of the use) 8 Euro at Interwetten. Loss of Euro 2.

Ergo, you can safely use this strategy whenever the odds are on both sides about 2.00. In this case, you should also use much more than 10 euros, since it is impossible in this case to lose. If the ratio is lower than 2.00 on one side, I recommend from personal experience to bet only if the limits of the two sports books clearly apart.

If you want to try this strategy, catch on in any case with handball, since there are usually 54 to 64 gates. Basketball is more difficult as many baskets are thrown and the sum of the baskets vary too much. Hockey can also work well, but the limits are different here rarely more than one goal.

Betting internationally

Betting on horseracing, boxing and football are among the classic types of bets for sports betting in Germany. In addition, however, establish increasingly betting offers on much more exotic sports. You have free choice. Bet example, rugby, darts, chess or lacrosse. For almost every sport in the world, exist somewhere bet offers. Many of these can now be made via the Internet in Germany to complete.

The provider Betfair example you also bet on the UK so well known and popular dog racing. On the other hand, you can bet on the outcome of cricket England against Sri Lanka. On the outcome of the Bulldogs rugby game against the Knights? You might also prefer to bet on a lacrosse game. Lacrosse is a tough ball game, in which the opposing teams with bats trying to shoot a hard rubber ball into the goal of each opponent.

Often, you can bet on more than just the overall victory or defeat of teams or individual athletes in individual, or system bets. The provider Bwin allows you, for example, live at a boxing match on up to 12 rounds to the winner of each round, the overall winner and the fact about how many rounds the fight goes. In chess tournaments, you can bet on who the next round. If you want any other sports, you can bet. How about futsal, the indoor football, with Speedway, basketball or roller hockey? Maybe you are an expert on exactly these sports.

On the other hand, do you rely less on your skills than on pure luck and find the attractive rates? You may be interested simply in Germany one of the more exotic sports: Want to learn more about the favourite teams or athletes, and to develop this sport for betting game participant with expertise? Welcome to the versatile world of sports and sports betting.